Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Highlights for today's Wooded Island Walk 8/1/12

Buckeye Flower 8/1/12-HC
Male Indigo Bunting-8/1/12-HC
Cardinal singing from Magic Tree next to "The Path" 8/1/12
Juvenile Cowbird begging from a female Indigo Bunting 8/1/12-HC
Monarch on Swamp Milkweed in Rose Garden-8/1/12-HC
Unknown Plant in Bob-O-Link Meadow-Tomato family? 8/1/12-HC
A pleasant walk today with a few highlights. We walked the "new path" down the middle. Not many birds encountered but found the path to be acceptable. Too bad that chips will be put down to sterilize it. We could use some help with the unknown plant above.

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