Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday August 31, 2013-Warblers Beginning to Arrive

Although I didn't get any good shots of warblers today-too dark and the birds were foraging very high, there were plenty of warblers around. Tennessee, Redstarts, Cape May, Wilson's, Magnolia, Blackpoll were observed. Someone had fun today putting together some nature art. We watched a DVD "Birding  Central Park Effect" last night. I wonderful film that strikes home in Jackson Park. A most for all birders.
Native Art

Be Happy
Our favorite Black-crowned Night Heron
You can get mighty close to this heron
Crows mobbing a Cooper's Hawk
Cooper's Hawk attacking Swifts

Cormorants at the Cormorant Tree
Wasp in the Rose Garden
Black-eyed Susan

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