Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 3, 2014-First Wooded Island Blog of the Season-A Great Birding Day

Lot's of folks birding Wooded Island Today. The first nice weather day and loads of birds, including 5 Broad-winged Hawks and 10 Turkey Vultures. A Sora Rail was almost stepped on. See the Youtube at

Black-and-white Warbler-HC
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher-HC

Blue-headed Vireo-Courtesy of Wes Serafin

Female Hooded Warbler-Courtesy of Wes Serafin

Northern Waterthrush-HC

Palm Warbler-HC

Northern Parula Warbler-HC

Another view Northern Parula Warbler-HC

Rose-breasted Grosbeak-HC

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-HC

Sora Rail-Courtesy of Wes Serafin

One of 10 Turkey Vultures-HC

Tailess White-throated Sparrow-HC

White-throated Sparrow-HC

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