Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scarlet Tanager-HC-5/15/12
Today was sunny and warm. Lot's of song but not too many species. Randy had 16 species of warblers plus a female Summer Tanager. The Redstart and Woodcock photo's were taken a few days ago, the Tanager today.

I was asked why did I create the birding blog for JP/Wooded Island. I wanted to keep a photo record of some of the birds of the area. Also, I wanted to spend time with individual birds, quietly stalking them, studying their movement and behavior. Bird photography can be enormously fulfilling if the photographer is not intrusive. I take most if not all of my photo's at 24X and keep my distance. And, I would like to invite other photographers to share their photo's as well. Eventually we will have a nice record of species in JP/Wooded Island. I do need to figure out how to download and copy other photographers photo's however. I first began to blog in California to keep records of migrating Swainson's Hawks through Borrego Springs, CA. See Borregohawkwatch.blogspot.com

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