Friday, May 18, 2012

Warming trend this weekend with hopes for more migrants-May 18, 2012

Male Monarch (dots on the wing) on what is left of a Milkweed
With warmer weather on the way perhaps more migrants will descend into the area. Sunday evening showers could provide a good day on Monday. Today, I had my first Connecticut Warbler of the year. A few Canada Warblers are in. The Darrow Bridge was a birding hotspot again this morning. Perhaps the bridge area won't be stripped the way the Rose Garden and other habitats have been decimated. Common Milkweed, a native plant has been removed from the Rose Garden (there are no roses there as well). Not only butterflies love the area, sparrows and other species utilized it.
Rose Garden stripped of Milkweed May 17, 2012
Parula Warbler 5/18/12-HC

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