Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Pleasant Day/No Sun With a Few Good Warblers-9/1/12

A great day for people watching. Our best bird of the day was found by Demetri, a mere 9 months of age. We did get a Black-throated Blue, a few Wilson's, a colorful Blackburnian, several Redstarts, some Swainson's Thurshes and of course the Green Herons. 

Leo and Carolyn working the birds-9/1/12-HC
Jennette with an article from 1984-She hasn't changed much in 28 years.-9/1/12-HC
Demetri trying out a pair of binocs-9/1/12-HC
"I got this one mom, no problems-9/1/12-HC
Pine Warbler-9/1/12-HC
No problem, I got this one covered-A nice male Pine in a pine-9/1/12-HC

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