Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great day, not overwhelming, just the right number of birds September 19,2012

Today we weren't overwhelmed with numbers but had some great looks at several species including 12 warbler species. To end the day, we watched a Kingfisher being chased by a Cooper's Hawk and then a Sharp-shinned Hawk went after the Cooper's. The Juvenile Red-shouldered was not too easy to identify, correct me if I am mistaken. See what you can do with the last shot-our first quiz bird. The Heron in the Japanese Garden was very tame.

Black-crowned Night Heron Stepping out-9/19/12-HC
Nice spiritual spot to select-9/19/12-HC 
Male Flicker in our favorite dead tree-9/19/12-HC
Downy upside down-9/19/12-HC
Tough one-Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk-9/19/12-HC
Quiz Bird-Try your luck-9/19/12-HC

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  1. With those ENORMOUS white tail spots, it has to be a Magnolia Warbler. White eye-ring helps confirm it.