Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013-A Petition to Save The Buffer Zone At the North Bridge Is Available to Sign

Tomorrow, I will have a petition available to sign off on:
If you are birding Wooded Island you might have an opportunity to sign the petition.



The buffer zone between Darrow Bridge and North Bridge to Wooded Island is in danger of being cut down. This habitat provides essential feeding and cover for both migratory and resident bird species. On May 15, 2013, at the height of spring migration, two mature mulberry trees were cut down in this small buffer zone. These trees had provided much needed protection and nutrients for many bird species.

We now petition the Chicago Park District to protect the remaining trees and shrubs in this small corner habitat.

Additionally, we petition the Chicago Park District staff to engage in direct and ongoing meetings and site inspections with members of the birding community that visit Jackson Park on matters of habitat preservation and enhancement.


NAME               SIGNATURE      ______ADDRESS_________________    


 Birds observed over the past few days included a Sedge Wren, Grasshopper Sparrow, 28 Cedar Waxwings and several warblers including Canada and Black-throated Blue. Also check out the Youtube of a Northern Waterthrush. 

Grasshopper Sparrow
Cedar Waxwings

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