Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013, Rainy and Warm With Some Nice Birds Today

Although rainy, it was warm and there were lots of birds today on Wooded Island. At least 3 Mourning Warblers, a few Canada Warblers plus another 10 warbler species. Lot's of Flycatchers, including Olive-sided. The swallows were in the parking lot. I wonder if the Rough-wings were using the goose poop for nest material or food. Lots of Cedar Waxwings in the Japanese Garden. A very mottled Song Sparrow. The squirrel had a pink-red tail.

Barn Swallow collected mud for a nest
Rough-winged Swallow on Goose excrement? Eating vegetation or nest?
Close-up of the Goose excrement-very green
One of several Waxwings in the Japanese Garden
Song Sparrow
Squirrel with red tail on the chip trail to the Rose Garden

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