Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Destruction of Habitat Near Wooded Island-Jackson Park

Below are photo's of the continued destruction of trees lining the lagoons behind the Museum of Science and Industry as well as trees close to the approach to Wooded Island. Prime habitats for both migratory birds and nesting birds are being destroyed. Replacement plantings include cherry trees to "create beauty". Check out the youtube below. Most of the work recently has taken place during May in the middle of migration.

Birders make up the vast majority of folks that utilize Wooded Island and adjacent areas. Numbers included 24 in one group last Saturday (May 4) and 36 the week before (April 27). Every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year there is a birding walk on Wooded Island. During the prime migrating seasons it is not unusual to see 50-75 birders per week walking through Wooded Island, The Prairie and the perimeter of the museum. No other group consistently utilizes the Island. Yet, birders have never had a voice concerning the major changes taking place.

Here is a series of photo's showing the destruction. The Red Dot Tree is still standing as of May 8.
May 6, 2013 behind the Museum
Previous cutting during May
A perspective of how much habitat is being removed. This tree has now been shredded. 
Red Dot Tree ready for the saw-Located at the approach to Wooded Island
The Tree that will will cut soon!

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